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What We Do

Community Development

We partner with individuals, corporate organizations, NGOs, and governments in developing and implementing projects centered around the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We develop guidelines, systems, structures for dealing with community issues and building successful partnerships that will empower young Nigerians.

Networking & Mentoring

One of the purpose of NYPF is to provide the platform where members can support each other for professional and personal growth. Through our global network of professionals, we support and encourage each other through collaborations and strategic alliance. Our mentoring platform connects our members with the right mentors who will offer on-the-job knowledge that a young professional wouldn’t have learned in school. We have a pool of mentors who will always be available to answer questions of young professional and to help them out when they need advice.

Capacity Development

We are committed to contributing to Nigeria’s development through human capacity building. NYPF periodically delivers capacity development programmes through seminars, workshop, and training. Our capacity development programmes offers interactive learning experiences through group and individual exercises. Comprehensive learning techniques are also used to foster awareness, understanding, and appreciation of organizational capabilities, teamwork, and performance.