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The socio-economic and political significance of Human Trafficking and Illegal Migration considered by Experts as a global threat, has over the years been exacerbated by the non-effective response by stakeholders in addressing the root-cause. The constraints faced by the Nigerian government in the fight against Irregular Migration and Human Trafficking has shown that governments cannot work alone in finding solutions to this problem hence this initiatives.

The Skills, Entrepreneurship Development Project (SEDP) is a homegrown initiative of the Nigerian Young Professionals Forum (NYPF), an offshoot of the International Action on Illegal Migration and Trafficking in Persons Conference projected to raise global and community awareness about the menace that has devastated communities and inflicts destitution on families. The programme will rehabilitate, develop capacities, empower, mentor and provide hope for Returnees and the Unemployed, especially the youths.

The NYPF is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) consisting of a group of professionals with the common goal to implement projects centered around the Sustainable Development Goals that impact the environment, economy and society positively.


We welcome individuals, non-governmental organizations, corporate bodies, and government institutions to be part of SED-P. You could request for the detailed SED-P document or donate to support the programme below. For more information, please write to us at



Rehabilitation & Recovery

Rehabilitation and recovery of victims of trafficking and modern day slavery.


Capacity & Skills Development

Helping victims and returnees develop enterprise capacities, skills and competencies.


Apprenticeship & Mentoring

Provision of mentoring and apprenticeship opportunities to victims and returnees.


Financial Empowerment

Provision of small business venture starter packs to programme participants.


Enterprise Growth Support

Provision of enterprise development support. Performance monitoring and evaluation.