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Our Programmes

We partner with individuals, corporate organizations, NGOs, governments, and societies for development in any capacity that will impact the lives of Nigerians positively. We develop programmes and systems for dealing with community issues and building successful partnerships that will strengthen and scale up best practices in youth development.



Skills & Entrepreneurship Development Programme

The Skills, Entrepreneurship Development Project (SEDP) is a homegrown initiative of the Nigerian Young Professionals Forum, an offshoot of the International Action on Illegal Migration and Trafficking in Persons Conference projected to raise global and community awareness about the menace of Irregular migration and human trafficking that has devastated communities and inflicted destitution on families. The programme seek to rehabilitate, develop capacities, empower, mentor and reintegrate returnees and the unemployed, especially the youths. Visit for more information.



Young Entrepreneurs & Students Grant

The YESGrant Programme supports Nigerian budding entrepreneurs and students to develop and execute business ideas that will lead to massive job creation. The programme offers young Nigerians capacity development support and financial grants for business and research. YesGrant also provide platforms and opportunities to showcase their ideas and innovations to business leaders, investors and mentors in Nigeria for possible support and investments.



Education Intervention Programme

Educare is an education intervention programme by NYPF designed to serve Nigerian students in the rural areas who are at risk of poor educational conditions. The purpose of the Scheme is to provide additional educational support materials, instructional resources, and financial aid to help students and schools who are performing poorly obtain the necessary academic support to boost their performance in the shortest possible time. Part of the purpose of the scheme is to identify talented students and offer them scholarships to schools with better learning standards and conditions.



Advocacy & Social Campaign Programme

At the core of NYPF is the passion to be part of Nigeria’s development process especially towards young people. As an organization made up primarily of young, dynamic and upwardly mobile individuals, we intend to harness Nigeria’s economic, political and social resources using contemporary advocacy and social campaign techniques. 234 Voices (which means Nigerian Voices) is NYPF’s advocacy and social campaign programme. NYPF has invested on Political Inclusion for young people with our involvement of the Not Too Young To Run Initiative, which has seen the elections of several young people at the State Houses of Assembly and National Assembly.


Beacon Awards

Awards for community & outstanding accomplishments

NYPF recognizes individuals and organizations with outstanding accomplishments in their various pursuits and calling through our Beacons Awards Programme. We are quick to criticize ourselves as a people, and rare to celebrate our achievements however simple those achievements may be. This Recognition and Achievement Award is intended to recognize Nigerians who distinguished themselves in their professions and acts of service to humanity and to also encourage excellence, hardwork, innovation and creativity in professional service.


Capacity Center

Learning & Human Capacity Development Programmes

NYPF is committed to contributing to Nigeria’s development through human capacity building. NYPF periodically provides for its members full-range of capacity development programmes through seminars, workshop, training and development services. Our Capacity Center offers interactive learning experiences through group and individual discussions and exercises. Several delivery styles are used to create an environment for inspiring, thought provoking, and engaging discussions. Comprehensive learning techniques are also used to foster awareness, understanding, and appreciation of organizational capabilities, teamwork, and performance.