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Our Impact

As an organization made up primarily of young, dynamic and upwardly mobile individuals, we intend to harness Nigeria’s economic, political and social resources using contemporary managerial and administrative techniques. We also aim to support governments at all levels, as well as international organizations, in a bid to build a sustainable future for those we see as trustees and custodians of the future of Nigeria.

NYPF has reached over 47 thousand rural primary school children with educational resources across Nigeria though our Education Intervention Scheme (EIS). So far, NYPF has given financial grants to 71 young business owners across Nigeria through our Young Entrepreneurship & Student Grant Scheme (YESGrant).

NYPF has invested on Political Inclusion for young people with our involvement of the Not Too Young To Run Initiative, which has seen the elections of several young people at the State Houses of Assembly and National Assembly.

In partnership with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and the foremost interventionist agency for developmental advancement in the Northern Region; the Northeast Development Commission (NEDC) amongst other government and non-governmental organizations, we have been largely involved (technically and practically) in facilitating access to funding and other youth empowerment initiatives which cuts across all regions of the country. Today, it is our success story that our involvement birthed several entrepreneurs who now run their individual businesses independently.

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