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Membership Benefits

Connect Globally

From Nigeria to UK and South Africa to USA, NYPF spans the globe, connecting young Nigerian Professionals unlike any other. Networking is nothing new, but networking in NYPF is different. What makes us exceptional is the commitment of members to each other. For members seeking connections, there is nothing more powerful than NYPF’s Professionals Networks.

Learn and Develop

NYPF has helped young professionals develop and build their careers through training, workshops and seminars. In NYPF, learning is lifelong, the world is a limitless classroom, and peer exchange is the ultimate leadership lab. Members also find mentors through NYPF’s mentor programmes, where business leaders with extraordinary success stories are ready and willing to share their expertise with the next generation of leaders and executives.

Make a Difference

For professionals with interest in social impact and philanthropy, NYPF offers the platform focused on economic development, sustainability, public diplomacy, peace action and more. NYPF also support other organizations of like minds and also recognizes members whose companies are changing the way the world does business.