We are committed to contributing to Nigeria’s development through human capacity building.  NYPF periodically provides for its members  full-range of capacity development programmes through seminars, workshop, training and development services. Our capa-city development programmes  offers interactive learning experiences through group and individual discussions and exercises. Several delivery styles are used to create an environ-ment for inspiring, thought provoking, and engaging discussions. Comprehensive learning techniques are also used to foster awareness, understanding, and appreciation of organi-zational capabilities, teamwork, and performance.

The purpose of NYPF is to provide a forum for members to support each other in business, professional and personal growth. That is why Networking is at the core of what we do. We offer opportunities for networking, education, leadership, recognition and relationship building. NYPF is building a global network of professionals from Nigeria. Whether em-ployed or a business owner the network has a huge diversity of businesses involved. Our members support and encourage each other through collaboration and the sharing of business contacts and opportunities. Our strength is through the diversity and support that all types of businesses can offer each other.

At the core of NYPF is the passion to be part of Nigeria’s development process. To this end NYPF encourages the participation of its members in community issues with no political undertone. Some ways through which NYPF engages in community participation include the following: Corporate ethics advocacy; Empowering vulnerable groups and works with them to combat isolation, exclusion, and human rights violations stemming from stigmatization and discrimination; Promoting  people-centred development forums through capacity building for commu-nities, development organizations and agencies.

We support entrepreneurs and exceptional students through our Young Entrepreneurs and Students (YESGrant) Grant programme. To deliver this, we partner with individuals and corporate organizations for entrepreneurship development in any capacity that will impact the lives of Nigerians positively. The YESGrant is based on developing guidelines, systems, structures for dealing with challenges young entrepreneurs face and building successful partnerships that will strengthen and scale up best practices in youth development.

At NYPF, mentoring isn’t just an activity. It’s part of our organizational DNA. Young professionals often make wrong business and career decisions due to lack of professional guidance from those who are more experienced. Our mentoring platform connects our members with the right mentors who will offer on-the-job knowledge that a young professional wouldn’t have learned in school. NYPF has a pool of mentors who will always be available to answer questions of young professional and to help them out when they need advice.

The NYPF Education Intervention Scheme (NEIS) is designed to serve Nigerian students in the rural areas who are at risk of poor educational conditions. The purpose of the Scheme is to provide additional educational support materials, instructional resources, and financial aid to help students and schools who are performing poorly obtain the necessary academic support to boost their performance in the shortest possible time. Part of the purpose of the scheme is to identify talented students and offer them scholarships to schools with better learning standards and conditions.

As at July 2014, NYPF has been able to reach over  10,800 students in 100 school in the rural communities through this scheme. Our short-term target is to reach about 60,000 students and 300 schools by July 2017. We also train youths on skill acquisitions with the aim of improving their socio-economic conditions and livelihoods though the NEIS.